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  2. JoynalBokhsho

    Help Link

    Nah, Having issues with 'verify' channel. Please DM the code to BD ZONE 2.0 Bot. You will find instructions on the Verify Channel; please check again.
  3. JoynalBokhsho

    Help Link

    Where did you send the link? Did you send the link to the 'verify' channel? This is the link for the 'verify' channel. Please log in again and use the /discord link. Then, paste the code you receive in 'verify' channel
  4. JoynalBokhsho

    Announce Happy New Year 2024, Fellow Crafters!

    Happy New Year 2024, Fellow Crafters! Let's kick off the year by celebrating our December stars: Also, honoring our top voters:
  5. JoynalBokhsho

    Password Problem

    Use the command /register password password to change the password to your own actual one. Once you've set the password, you'll need to log in to the server using /login <password>.
  6. JoynalBokhsho

    Help verification badge

    Open a ticket on Discord to get Verified badge
  7. JoynalBokhsho

    Added Survival Update | 25/12/2023

  8. JoynalBokhsho

    Update Bedrock - 12-12-2023

    [+] Bedrock Port Changed to 19132 [+] Bedrock Survival Join Issue Fixed
  9. JoynalBokhsho

    Update Queue - 12-12-2023

    [-] Queue System Remove From Survival
  10. JoynalBokhsho

    Announce Announcing the Grand Opening of BDZONE Survival Season 2!

    Dear BDZONE Players, What's New in Season 2? New Ranks named Alpha, Omega, Hydra, Sentinel, Dominus, Archon, Divine and Celestial (For information visit https://store.bdzonemc.com ) Better Kits this time than previous season New Economy System with Paper Money Team System where you can...
  11. JoynalBokhsho

    Announce Season One Donator List

    🎉 Celebrating Our Top Donators on Season One🎉 Dear players and enthusiasts, We are delighted to extend our heartfelt gratitude and recognition to the incredible individuals who have shown immense support and dedication to our server. Your generosity has been instrumental in shaping the world of...
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  13. The Mighty Iron Golem: Guardians of Minecraft Villages

    The Mighty Iron Golem: Guardians of Minecraft Villages

    Minecraft, a world where creativity knows no bounds, is home to various creatures and characters that players encounter on their adventures. Among these, the Iron Golem stands as a stalwart guardian and ally, embodying strength, protection, and a touch of whimsy within its blocky universe...
  14. JoynalBokhsho

    Can't join

    Version 1.20.40? Wait Server update kora hoiche Next update e fix hoye jabe
  15. JoynalBokhsho

    @Abrar nafi Server Update kora hoiche, Next Reply e fix hoye jabe

    @Abrar nafi Server Update kora hoiche, Next Reply e fix hoye jabe
  16. JoynalBokhsho

    Announce Survival Update

    Firstly, I apologize for the inconvenience. Our survival server was offline from October 19, 2023, until now (October 27). There was a reason for this. The reason is that we mistakenly updated the server from version 1.20.1 to 1.20.2, which caused the world file to become corrupted and some...
  17. JoynalBokhsho

    Implemented FAQ Section

    Feauture Added, Just now have to add Faq Ans Here is FAQ Section
  18. JoynalBokhsho

    Top 10 Best Minecraft Java Edition Modpacks [Deleted]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Article Top 10 Best Minecraft Java Edition Modpacks. Please add to the discussion here.