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Merging with BDzone
about 1 month ago

Hey Guys ! Great News for you all !!

We had almost everything , A Good and stable server. A Huge Player base. Support and love from the players. But The Only Thing which was missing was aCOMMUNITY


But Now We Have One !

We Are Merg...

Factions Released
2 months ago

Pixeledge Factions

We are excited to announce that we are releasing Factions! 


Our factions has custom enchants, lots and lots of kits, gui shop, crates, mcmmo and lots more to enjoy. Build and raid bases, PvP like a god and be in the top factions. Scamming, trolling and everything is allowed in factions except hacking/cheating with special hacked clients.


Remember we have a shop at https://www.pix...

Maintenance Finished! Server Online!
2 months ago

Guys now pocket edition/bedrock players will use 19132 port when joining our server.

So the Ip: pe.pixeledgebd.com  and port:19132(default port of pocketedition)


<stro... />

Bedrock player can now play too!!!!
3 months ago

Pixeledge has now officially released bedrock support too!

Both java and bedrock players can play in the survival game mode together. Although our other gamemodes also support crossover but we only guaranty stability in the survival server. 
Bedrock players use this ip: pe.pixeledgebd.com port:2020

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