Usage of any kind of illegal client that gives you advantage over other players will get you banned.


Spamming in chat or abusing will not be tolerated. And while detected you will be muted. [Both in discord and in game] 

 3.Disturbing Admins

Admins will only help in extreme rare cases. And don’t ask admins to tp you to places. Don’t ask admins for foods and other stuffs. And if you have any complain about any player or if you need any help contact the admin at #support channel. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING “DO NOT DM ANY OF THE ADMINS OR STAFFS” it will get you muted both in the server and discord 


An admin can request screenshot/screenshare from you anytime. Failing to give screenshot or doing screenshare immediately/disconnecting will proof of you using illegal client and will count as ban evasion from everywhere

 5.Using an Alt

You can obviously use an alt account while playing but if you get banned once in a account and you try to play with the alt account You ip-will get banned . If You are thinking of using VPN to join after Ip-ban then it’s useless.


There are some rules to get a shop. You must complete some tasks in order to own a shop. MVP’s Will get their shop for free. VIP’s will get 25% off at shop and VIP+’s will get 50% off at shop. Admins will tell you about price of every item if you mess up then your shop will get deleted for a week.


Griefing is banned from the server. If we find you griefing you will get jailed for 24 Hours and all of your items will be contributed in the drop party. You aren’t allowed to PVP with others without their permission

8. Stacking

Stacking any kinds of mobs or villager is strictly forbidden. If you do then you might get jailed