Minecraft Bedrock (PE) 1.21 for Android

Stable Minecraft Bedrock (PE) 1.21 for Android

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Minecraft Stable Version
Tricky Trials

Developers have released the full version of Minecraft 1.21 for Android. This update introduces Sinister Trials, Mace, Wind Charge, Breeze, Shambler, and all features from the test versions.

New Features
All elements from the beta versions have been carried over. Highlights include:
  • Biomes
  • Trial Chambers
  • Mobs: Armadillo, Breeze, Shambler, new Wolf variants
  • New Blocks: Trial Spawner, Sinister Spawner, Crafter, Vault, Sinister Vault, Copper Blocks, Tuff Blocks
  • Weapons: Mace, Wind Charge
  • Items: Breeze Rod, Heavy Core, Wolf Armor, Sinister Potion, Sinister Key

Transferred changes from the beta:
  • Added 3 Music Discs:
  • Aaron Cherof - Precipice — occasionally found in Vaults
  • Lena Raine - Creator — available in Sinister Vaults
  • Lena Raine - Creator (Music Box) — occasionally appears in Patterned Vases in Trial Chambers
  • Added 9 new background music tracks
  • Added 20 new Paintings
  • Introduced a new effect "Raid Sign":
  • Instead of launching a Raid, the "Bad Omen" effect turns into "Raid Sign" for 30 seconds
  • After the duration ends, a Raid will start at the player's location
  • Drinking Milk can prevent the Raid from starting
  • 4 new Effects:
  • Wind Charged — affected creatures emit a gust of wind upon death
  • Weaver — affected creatures leave behind Cobwebs and pass through them without slowing down
  • Slimer — affected creatures spawn 2 Slimes upon death
  • Infestation — affected creatures have a 5% chance to spawn 1-2 Sculk Spreaders upon taking damage
  • 4 new Achievements
  • New profile view showing achievement progress and suggested achievements to work on with friends
  • Updated friends screen with follower viewing, statistics viewing, and statistics comparison with friends

Bug Fixes
67 bugs have been fixed. All bug fixes from the test versions have been carried over.

Technical Changes
136 technical changes have been added for addon development and testing.
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