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Lately, I saw the traffic is getting pretty low on the BDZone Server. Fewer people are playing actively nowadays. But as of my knowledge, It is very common, especially in Bangladeshi servers. People easily get bored playing Minecraft unless new things or interesting events happen. The exception is dedicated builders like my friend Jeyan who always build and create empire after empire. This type of player is very rare and you will get 5/4 of them in the whole server who will continue to grind on peacefully.

The rest of the layman people will only play when they feel like it. I get it, that's how a game should be. We should not overplay a game that ruins our social lives. But actually, there are people who despite free time and a good network still do not play the game. My issue is with these types.

The majority of the players I know stop playing on the server just because they easily get burned out. Everything is done very fast in the server and nothing is rewarding anymore. Some people play in a server because of community feeling. But when the server is not helpful or friendly then they leave. Also, some prefer simplicity over everything. When you add (Op) mods after mods this will ruin the game for them. But there might be other reasons.At this point, I think a server should stay ahead of everyone. An actual study or survey can be done on a server on what people like and what they don't like.

No, I'm not talking about polls where you just post a new feature, and everyone (whether he is familiar with the feature or not) just votes for ‘Yes’. That's the reason, many features and mods were added but very few people are interested in playing.

Now, I'm not a researcher in any shape or form. Research is a big thing where long-term observation and experimentation are needed. But it can be a fun thing to do especially in a gaming world. I’m sure, many people will be interested in doing it if you contact them on proper channels.

Here I present my hypotheses on, some of the key things that I think are missing in the BD servers and proper research is necessary for further clarification.

  1. It’s too easy: In this server, survival feels too easy. You don't need to go mining often, you don't have to fear losing items just go to in game /Shop and you will find everything in cheap. Even money-making is completely broken in the server. People are making insane amounts of money every day by creating some simple farmlands. Also, they don't care about how the shop is going because money is overflowing. The inflation rate is super high where simple items sell in 10k/100k. To the cherry on top, some weapon and enchantment is too OP that they completely ruin the game. Yes, I'm talking about epic and legendary items. Initially, These seem fun to have but ultimately ruin the game. I will write about it later with further clarification.
  2. Lack of business and competition: Here ‘business’ I mean, a proper economy where people need to go to market at least once a week to survive. If you get something without your businesses (like selling some useless pumpkins and making millions; not even to people) then you no longer need a shop and you no longer need to work anymore. Also, competition between businesses is the key thing to achieve if you wanna attract more people. People love competitions. But lately, there is none. Thanks to the insane (OP) TP system where people don't even visit their neighbors often. They just stay in their place just like they do in their real home.
  3. It’s complicated: Yes, just like too easy, too complicated things can be the reason to get burned out. I think the server economy system is pretty hard to understand for newer people. I still think normal ‘diamond currency’ is the best. But that's a big topic which I will cover in the future if Allah will. Also, the crates, and voting system give free xp and diamond level items for free. I know these things are tied with servers to generate revenue but as I said earlier, a server should see ahead of money and secure long-term profit.
I think these are some of the topics that full-fledged research can be done throughout a whole server session. To see what are the actual reasons people are leaving the server.